Hi. I’m Vince Warne, a cross-disciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy working with new technologies to bring visions to life.

Recent Projects—

Selected Film Set Work—

Film Writing— 


Avatar Illustration

Lumi, launched in 2020 by Interlace Inc., was conceieved as a dating app built around video and avatars. I was in charge of developing an avatar system from scratch. In the early stages, I drove the art direction, settling on a friendly and trendy style that was universal but still distinctive. Then, I hand-illustrated hundreds of assets, from clothes to eyes and hair and jewelry, which were implemented into an avatar builder with millions of possible combinations.

Art Direction & Animation

I was also in charge of Lumi’s visual design and branding. I created the full range of the brand’s visual identity, including the logo and wordmark, animated entry screen, promotional social media material, and appstore screenshots.