Hi. I’m Vince Warne, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. My work includes art direction, UI/UX,illustration, animation, and storyboarding, all revolving around film and the moving image.





Tandem (TBD)

In 2020, I created concept art and storyboards for the upcoming French short film Tandem by Alexandre Leter. It was scheduled to be shot in Paris in 2020, but has been rescheduled indefinitely due to COVID-19.

Squatty Potty: Obsession (2020)

In January 2020, I created this animatic for Squatty Potty’s Obsession social media ad.

Hug a Hotdog? (2020)

In 2020, I storyboarded this short film shot for the Straight 8 Film Festival. The film all had to be shot on one roll of super 8 film with no editing, so the storyboarding was an essential step in planning out the shoot and devloping the film’s style.

Squatty Potty Cleopatra (2019)

In November 2019, I created this animatic for Squatty Potty’s Cleopatra social media ad.